We provide the product of the high quality by the trust in 40year over and the actual results.

SWC is a creative making company.

We stuck to the quality control thoroughly for 1963 years in since the establishment.

It makes the most of the 'experience' concerned with refrigeration that a predecessor president Norio-SHIBATA has repeated a trial, and days.
It has the sincerity that our 'guest's property-making' is helped, and the feeling, and the mind that it applies itself to the work doesn't change.

Product infomation

ICE Machine

  • フレークアイス製氷機
    FLAKE ICE Machine

    The ice of the form that glass of a thickness 2mm was broken is the ice whose heat transmission is good.

  • シャーベットアイス製氷機
    LIQUID ICE machine

    IPF 3-30% can manufacture the ice which made seawater and salt water sherbet shaped.

  • ブロックアイスプラント
    Block ice plant

    It is popular ice best in Japan. This ice is being used from the ice for food to the fish products.

  • サイロ式貯氷庫

    It is the ice storage to keep flake-ice. Ice storage keeps ice in the silo-shaped container built in the tree and FRP.

Deep cooling machine

  • 冷水チラー
    water chilling unit
  • 蒸発式凝縮器
    Evaporating condenser
  • 海水チラー
    Sea water chilling unit
  • ブラインチラー
    brine cooler
  • 各種熱交換器
    Variously, heat exchange
  • へリングホーンコイル
    V-coil evaporator herringbone type evaporator

Leisure equipment

  • 人工造雪機
    All weather snow guns
  • 人工降雪機
    Ice link
  • アイスリンク
    Snow making machine

Food process

  • 解凍器
    Defreezing unit

Air conditioner equipment

  • エアハンドリングユニット
    Air hand ring unit
  • スポットクーラー
  • 除湿機
    Duct making and construction
  • クリーンルーム
    Spot air-conditioner
  • ダクト工事
    Clean room

Steel frame and steel making

  • 機器鉄骨型台
    machine steel frame
  • スクリューコンベア
    Screw conveyer

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