ENGLISH | 柴田熔接工作所(福岡・東京)│製氷設備(フレークアイス製氷機・自動搬出貯氷庫)・低温装置・氷蓄熱空調設備・人工造雪機、降雪機の製造

We provide the product of the high quality by the trust in 40 year over and the actual results.

SWC is a creative making company.

We stuck to the quality control thoroughly for 1963 years in since the establishment.

It makes the most of the 'experience' concerned with refrigeration that a predecessor president Norio-SHIBATA has repeated a trial, and days.
It has the sincerity that our 'guest's property-making' is helped, and the feeling, and the mind that it applies itself to the work doesn't change.




ICE Machine

  • FLAKE ICE Machine

    The ice of the form that glass of a thickness 2mm was broken is the ice whose heat transmission is good.

  • LIQUID ICE machine

    IPF 3-30% can manufacture the ice which made seawater and salt water sherbet shaped.

  • Block ice plant

    It is popular ice best in Japan. This ice is being used from the ice for food to the fish products.


    It is the ice storage to keep flake-ice. Ice storage keeps ice in the silo-shaped container built in the tree and FRP.

Deep cooling machine

  • water chilling unit
  • Evaporating condenser
  • Sea water chilling unit
  • brine cooler
  • Variously, heat exchange
  • V-coil evaporator herringbone type evaporator

Food process

  • Defreezing unit

Air conditioner equipment

  • Air hand ring unit
  • Dehumidifier
  • Duct making and construction
  • Spot air-conditioner
  • Clean room

Leisure equipment

  • All weather snow guns
  • Ice link
  • Snow making machine

Steel frame and steel making

  • machine steel frame
  • Screw conveyer