2010.02.24 09:28

I visited two refrigeration factories.
We are to sell the Carel company product for which to do an import contract to Japan newly.
Carel is an Italian company.
They have four sections.
They are automatic expansion valve, an air conditioner controller, a program tool, a humidity machine.
We visited Daikin Industries, Ltd. factory on February 22.


2010.02.24 1


As for them, 18,500,000 authorities in a year make an air conditioner machine.
“It was surprised!” what and a scale are big.
A factory is in the south district of Osaka.
Then, we enjoyed the night of Osaka.


2010.02.24 2


We went to Shizuoka Prefecture by Shinkansen from Osaka on the next day.
Sunlight was resistant to the day and warm.
Mt Fuji to see from the Shinkansen is very beautiful, too!
We arrived at Shizuoka station, and did a lunch.

2010.02.24 3

They came to Japan. It is still sushi!
We ate delicious sushi. Then, the next went to Hitachi factory.


2010.02.24 4


I am visiting Hitachi many times. It is a very familiar factory.
It met an old acquaintance, too, and a familiar story was done.
Business proceeded smoothly, and our presentation ended, too.
Then, we left behind a factory, and went to Tokyo.
“Friend. Let’s meet again in the near future !”